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From 1985 until 2002 I made my living from my juggling and performing. I had a solo career, worked in duets and in various troupes. For 9 years I traveled nationally with Up In Smoke.

From 2002 to 2005 I consulted a Germany company as they launched their product in America.

2004 to 2007 - I fimled and was an administor of The Principal Residency Network Program.

2007 until now - I still perform my juggling, but my main focus has been on my writing and publishing books with Human Error Publishing.

I have now incorporated my writings, video filming & editing, web site design and building, with performing and residencies to keep me busy and afloat.

My work is focused on bringing the "arts": juggling, collage, writing, theater and movement, into the schools as performances, workshops, and residencies while working with educators to help incorporate these art forms into the curriculum.

My work in education has also lead me to be a co-director of.
The Principal Residency Network at principalresidency.org

A founding member of The LOFT Foundation that works for social justice issuses, especially in education.

I have just published a book: No Guarantees - Adjust & Continue.
With Human Error Publishing. I perform at spoken word events and am available for readings

In my many years of marketing my shows I did all the brochures, web development, filming and editing for promotional materials, I now do that for other artists and businesses.

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